Swiss Dream Circus

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Swiss Dream Circus (Celebration) – Trailer 2019

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls

What a dream it is that we are in the midst of planning our fifth season in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With our new production, Celebration!, we are determined to enchant you once again with a new cast of performers and a brand new show.

As always, the road to success is paved with challenges and the debate of whether we should embark on this journey once again has kept us awake at night. It’s a new challenge for us every year. From securing venue and entertainment permits, sponsorships and making logistical arrangements for theartists; coupled with designing a robust marketing plan and setting up our beautiful Big Top … allbefore the first curtain opens.

But boy do we love a challenge!

We did not begin this journey to fill our pockets. Swiss Dream Circus was founded on the belief that this timeless cultural experience is worth preserving and sharing; passing it on to the next generation of dreamers. Our biggest reward is seeing a full-house of bright-eyed children and adults alike. Watching your smiles and looks of amazement is the biggest motivation for us to undertake this enormous task every year.

None of this would be possible without the support of our partners, patrons and especially you, our wonderful audience. We are grateful for the opportunity to keep the dream alive for many years to come!

With our warmest wishes,

Ismail Stork – Marketing & Organization
Marco Baumgartner – Founder & Producer